Left to Spend

Budgeting doesn't have to be a chore.

Tangerine is committed to providing clients with the tools to make smart financial decisions. Tangerine worked with Artefact to create a budgeting app that can help clients create lasting positive saving habits. 

Main Contributions

+ UX Design 

+ Prototyping

+ User Testing 






+ High-fidelity Invision Prototype

+Integration/deployment strategy

In a nutshell

Tangerine is a digital-only bank headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Tangerine partnered with Artefact to design and implement Left to Spend, a brand new budgeting tool in Tangerine's Forward Banking experience. Left to Spend can categorize a client's spending without additional syncing and allows clients to budget without any downloading any additional apps. I joined this project at the beginning of the ideation phase. 

Project timeline

Early ideation

Many ideas were conceptualized prior to testing. Many didn't end up in the initial launch, but still served as great fodder for inspiration. Here are some of the ideas: 

Trends and summary 

Tile exploration.png

Data visualizations

Early explorations that I worked on included insightful data visualizations to help clients understand how much they were earning compared to how they were spending. For V1 of launch, this was determined to of cost too much of dev effort.

Insight cards

Iterations of data generated insight cards. The intent behind insight cards was that by showing clients information about themselves in a meaningful way they will continue using this tool over time. 

Left to Spend home page 

Left to Spend visualization

I explored many versions of how to display a user's Left to Spend number. Some versions had multiple dollar remaining bars shown for multiple spending categories. The team decided to move forward with displaying just one key Left to Spend bar to mitigate confusion and increase glanciblity. 

Over budget scenarios

I'm over budget, now what?

In the case that a client overspent, we wanted to give them options to 'fix' it. Options explored included moving money from a savings account or borrowing from the future - a scenario where you can decrease your budget next month in order to boost your budget the current month. 

What we learned from user testing 

Rapid user testing was conducted in a testing facility to see how users responded to early concepts. We spoke to 12 participants, over 8 days, and conducted 3 rounds of rapid iterating.


Basic information questions are getting in the way. 

Users were excited to get started right away. We heard that the questions were intrusive and users also didn't want to waste time answering them. In the latest version of LTS, users can get started right away.


Users need control over how items are categorized

A key offering of LTS is that the tool did all the heavy lifting for the client - including categorizing transactions. In testing we learned was that users still wanted a final say in how items were categorized. In the latest version of LTS, Tangerine took the first pass at categorizing transactions and the user can make edits as needed. 


Users wanted to know where numbers were coming from

Users did not immediately understand where automatically filled numbers came from. In the latest version of LTS all previewed and automatically drawn (ie - last month's income, and last month's expenses) numbers are shown where

they're from. 

“Tangerine is really taking care of your money in the best way. They have this saying ‘Make your money work for you’, and this app will really make my money work for me.”


-RITE Participant

Left to Spend 

Setup is easy as pie.

Everyone has a short attention span, that's why we wanted to make set up as easy as possible. By using existing income and spending information, Left to Spend can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

Help me, don't judge me.

For clients that are overspending, we provide data-driven,

actionable insights that can help them understand their financial

situation better, and create lasting positive habits. 

Make it easy for me to save more. 

Saving is important to financial health, but oftentimes it's an afterthought. Throughout Tangerine's Left to Spend experience we nudge users to save whenever possible.

If I had a magic wand...


I would love to see more ideas come to fruition.

This launch of Left to Spend was version 1, there are many more ideas that could have been explored. For instance, if clients can set goals they might be more motivated to work towards saving something. 



I wish we had time to test if our saving mechanisms worked.

One of Left to Spend value prop is to help clients save more money. I'd like to see if the nudges throughout the experience worked. Do clients that typically don't save end up with more in their savings after using Left to Spend?