Topeka - a platform to

help teachers teach.

An internationally recognized nonprofit partnered with Artefact early 2019 to create Topeka - a platform with curated resources and AI-powered tools to help teachers teach argumentative writing. I led the design enhancements efforts from inception to launch.  

Main Contributions

+ Design Lead

+ Visual Design
+ UX Design

+ Video Production




Internationally Recognized Non-profit

An ongoing partnership

This project was with a non-profit headquartered in the US that Artefact has worked with for many years.  Within the United States, the foundation is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities in order to lower poverty. 

The project originally started in early 2019 - to envision the future of what an AI-supported writing tool can look like. The first phase of Topeka launched in March 2019, and soon after the enhancement phased of the project kicked off. This program (the enhancement phase) had 2 key objectives.

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